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Originally Posted by Tayken View Post
Which is the proverb:

To be frank, I have never seen a case where a litigant brings an expert and their own expert throws them under the bus, throws gasoline on them and then lights them on fire. Then offers the best thing to do to for their client is to check themselves into a residential treatment program.
at the very least, the guy was honest and did not really say anything that is not in his report. I think what is really bizarre here is why someone would bring such report to court - Maybe because they are delusional and in denial ... (as report said)

but that was definitely quite a turnaround
- R your honor I would like to object for this expert to bring forward his report and testify since it not related to the issue at hand (therapy)
- G - I am going to allow it
- E she is delusional and stuck. Nothing change. No therapy that I am aware of
- G In that recent test you had couple weeks ago did you see any differences. ...
- R your honor I would like to object to this since it not part of the report nor I was aware of any additional tests... we should not talk about it
- G - I agree but I want to make sure I am not missing something big
- E - No changes your honor
- R I still believe that is not fair to the respondent to even discuss this...

so yea that was very different and interesting ...
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