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Default What am I looking at?

Need advice.

I started paying CS again last year after a lengthy period of time beginning with no income, then EI,which was garnisheed at the full support agreement rate, then no CS paid from unstable income from temporary jobs. This was followed by a return to stable income, but significantly less income than at the time of the support agreement but no CS being paid.

Now the FRO is seeking an order for all arrears back to day 1, which was 8 years ago, at the original amount which was based on a significantly higher income.

I have had no contact with my ex and there have been no requests from her for CS during the period of non payment. She remarried years ago, has added more children, and takes vacations to Hawaii, etc. The child hasn't faced any hardship whatsoever. There are no custody considerations and visitation was removed by the mother 6 years ago.

My question is how does the court rule on requests for CS arrears when the payer's financial circumstances have changed but he has failed to take the legal actions to change the CS that the law requires in order to amend a support order?

What are the best arguments to present to the court to minimize the order for arrears?
Can this be done while self-representing?

Thank you.
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