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This is certainly not a surprise. As the ex loses more and more control over her children (they are getting older and need her less) as she faces an empty nest. If she feels so strongly about the issues she could have raised them in court before.

Your ex has to keep his wits about himself. This isn't going to be over anytime soon.

If your partner is terrified to go to court then take him by the hand and go to the courthouse and sit through some family court hearings with him?

He has the documentation/proof to defend himself nicely. (If he didn't have that then I could understand his being scared).

I hope he retains a good lawyer who practices only family law (not a jack-of-all-trades lawyer). Keep track of all the instances of unreasonableness of the ex to amass a good position for costs, right from the get-go.

Tell your ex to snap out of it and put this whole thing into proper perspective - this is not a criminal matter. His situation is certainly not unique - happens all the time.
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