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trinton has a little shameless behaviour in the past

Originally Posted by LovingFather32 View Post
Many are doing what they preach not to do on other threads. This was a total trolling fest Trinton ... they're pissed at you because you write like you're pissed at women.

This has nothing to do with mothers's a revenge thing. They derailed and attacked. Just roll with it. They complain about this in other threads and come and do to themselves. This didn't deserve eye rolling and unnecessary, negative, false interpretations. It was a happy mothers day post for god sakes. You could be the biggest gentlemen in the world and they will turn you into a monster somehow. Just how these forums go sometimes.
I realize that. But I have very clearly stated before that:

Originally Posted by trinton View Post
there are very pleasant single moms out there
I don't understand how I am referring to them when I mention my former partner. Don't we come onto this site to talk about our former partners and the difficulties that we encounter with them and the best ways to deal with them? Are we not all in this together? Did we not all have to go through and deal with a separation? Yes, a separation is indeed one of the worst things a human will experience in their life time. And seems instead of supporting one another we are all attacking one another. No where in my initial post did I liken my ex with the mother's on here - matter of fact and quite the contrary, many of them have been very helpful to me and I have wished them ALL a happy mother's day. I'm starting to think it's because I talked about my former spouse in this happy mother's day thread, however, I simply don't understand why they like to or would want to liken themselves with my former spouse - especially if they are nothing like her.