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Many are doing what they preach not to do on other threads. This was a total trolling fest Trinton ... they're pissed at you because you write like you're pissed at women.

This has nothing to do with mothers's a revenge thing. They derailed and attacked. Just roll with it. They complain about this in other threads and come and do it themselves. This didn't deserve eye rolling and unnecessary, negative, false interpretations. It was a happy mothers day post for god sakes. You could be the biggest gentlemen in the world and they will turn you into a monster somehow. Just how these forums go sometimes.

Soiled .. I'm saying I was simply proud of the mothers in my life and what I planned and did for them. Why keep stopping by and challenging that? Do you really have nothing better to do? Is that where your life is at? Furthermore, were you not the one who kept yelling for me to not "beat a dead horse" and to stop posting in other threads? Well nothing you're saying here is correct .. in fact it's quite disturbing. So take your own beautiful advice and stop beating a dead horse .. take a hike.

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