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My God get over yourselves....

I said happy mothers day and was proud of what I was doing. I can say more than HMD if I want ... it doesn't mean I'm bragging....and somehow "not" taking some kind of high road? Huh? I'm trying to figure out if this is just some kind of prank .. or if you're projecting Trinton recent hostility to me because I simply posted here.

I told my mom what I did for my g/f....I told my g/f what I did for my mom....hey I even told my buddy today what I did and he also told me what he did. So that's taking a low road, bragging...or whatever other rubbish posters seem to be writing today? Please? Get a hold of yourselves.

I'm allowed to be proud of treating the mothers in my life good. It's sad what some must be going through to be able to turn it around and make such a positive thing .. so negative. Makes me lose faith in humanity. Cheer up folks. I shared my mother's day with you ... that's all.

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