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trinton has a little shameless behaviour in the past

Originally Posted by LovingFather32 View Post
Remind me next Mother's Day that I shouldn't post Happy Mothers Day or any type of positive energy on odf or it will be somehow used to portay me in a negative light.
Bang on. I won't be posting them either moving forward.

Originally Posted by LovingFather32 View Post
I can't talk for Trinton but my post certainly wasn't to mock or bash my ex, or make myself seem perfect. It's really too bad the sites come to this. I give a positive message and describe what I'm doing for the ladies in my life and eyes get rolled.
Bang on again. All I said was despite of what the mother of my child has done and is doing to me (and despite her not giving me father's days) I still held my respect for her as a mom, took the higher road, and offered her to have our daughter for the entire weekend. I have read many cases on Canlii and many of the single moms should only be wishing they could get the entire mother's day weekend as opposed to just the Sunday. I further wished all mother's a happy and blissful mother's day this special day. The only thing this suggests is how much respect I have for moms and that will be transparent with our daughter - she will always remember all the father's day she didn't get to be with me and all the mother's day weekends I encouraged and facilitated for her to be with her mom. I've done nothing wrong here and in fact what I did was child focused.

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What's this world coming to?
People take many things for granted these days and often just use it to bolster their own egos. It leads you to the point, why even bother trying to do something right when you're constantly criticized and attacked for EVERYTHING you do good or bad?