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Wow. Did this ever get over analyzed. I'm far from perfect and my post wasn't meant to come across in that manner.

I saluted mothers in my post. I was raised by a single mother, work around females daily and live with a house full of them.. I have the utmost respect for females, as can be seen in all threads since I came here.

How did I project my past experiences and bash my ex by saying "Happy Mother's Day, while speaking proudly about what I'm doing for it? Are you guys serious? My ex even texted to say she appreciated me going out and getting her a locket from D5, and aslo to thank my D10 for giving her a little card too.

Trust me .. she wouldn't "roll her eyes" about this post Beachnana. She's glad we're doing well and everybody is more than civil. She does the same for me on Fathers Day .. I wouldn't roll me eyes at her either. What exactly is your problem? Geez?

Remind me next Mother's Day that I shouldn't post Happy Mothers Day or any type of positive energy on odf or it will be somehow used to portay me in a negative light. Please dont attack me just because I posted on Trinton's thread.

I can't talk for Trinton but my post certainly wasn't to mock or bash my ex, or make myself seem perfect. It's really too bad the sites come to this. I give a positive message and describe what I'm doing for the ladies in my life and eyes get rolled. What's this world coming to?

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