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trinton has a little shameless behaviour in the past

Originally Posted by LovingFather32 View Post
Kudos to you Trinton for initiating a thread appreciating mothers. Wonder if certain posters will stop by to show appreciation for your post. I bet not. lol

I spent the day making sure I had everything perfect for mothers day.

I dont know where i would be without my mother.

I spent quite a bit and just finished mopping, sweeping, yard maintenance, dishes, vacuuming, etc so that my g/f can wake up to a beautiful and relaxing day. My g/f and my mom are the glue to the family and I appreciate EVERYTHING they do.

I also wanted to mention .. I went out and got a heart chain with an "I love you mom" slogan for D5 to give to my ex. I also had D5 make a gorgeous card and she placed the locket in it. You heard it right...for my ex. I think this is extremely important to bury the hatchet and show that you're mature and care about your child enough to do this. I know D5 appreciates that I did this also.

Happy Mother's Day mom's .... Thank you for being awesome every day!!
Kudos to you LF32 for loving your child more than you hate your ex.