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Default Happy Mother's Day!

Despite my former spouse recently denying me access on my scheduled weekend (Easter) sending me a text message that she asked our 7 year old daughter who she wanted to spend Easter weekend with (burdening a 7 year old child to pick sides) and refusing to allow me a make-up weekend , I reached out to her and offered to give her the mother’s day weekend (in full) even though it was my regular weekend. I was initially going to be offering her the Sunday only (especially in lite of her very recent unilateral decision to reduce the status quo in face of an order appointing the OCL) but figured it would make more sense to give her the entire weekend. I simply told our daughter I would not be with her this coming weekend - that it was mother's day weekend and that I wanted her to enjoy it with mom - that I would see her on the following Wednesday.

There has been years where I did not get to see our daughter on father’s day (or receive any phone call ) but no matter what happens and what goes on between us dads and mothers, at the end of the day, the children love both of us.

Happy mother’s day to all of the mom’s out there.

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