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trinton has a little shameless behaviour in the past

Originally Posted by Soiled View Post
And every time you use that argument while advocating for men's rights, men's shelters, etc, you will completely lose your audience and end up looking like someone just trying to tear down women's shelters.
I was not making an argument as to why we should have men's shelter when I said that, I was rather simply responding to something you had said while you were advocating for women's shelters.

Originally Posted by Soiled View Post
But hey, ok, that's cool, let's talk about that then. What have you done about It? Written an MP or MLA? Talked to the director of a women's shelter about it? Talked to the fundraisers? You get where I'm going....
The only place I see you going is on tangents. As discussed, it is a fact and is all over the news and very well known by the courts. I don't need to call them to state the obvious.