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Yes my ex wanted 100% of the equity and more. His initial offer was that he take all the money, all the equity, I have custody of the children, I pay him child and spousal support. This would leave him with 2.5 million and me with nothing. In addition out of my nothing left he wanted me to pay him 300,000! All after a long term marriage. He is brain damaged . The judges did not understand the bigger picture of what he was asking for when they forced the sale of the home. Now that my new lawyer does, he says we can't get the house back but we can ask my ex to compensate me for my 1/2 of the real estate fees as the matter with the house was handled improperly.

The forced sale of the home is going to bite him in the behind come trial plus the fact it resulted in the kids and I being homeless has already affected even more with his relationship with the kids.
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