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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
Since taking your course have you followed-up with them to see if they have modified their hand-outs?
Why do they need to modify their handout?

Originally Posted by arabian View Post
Have you written to the DIRECTOR? Talking to a facilitator probably isn't going to cut it. Facilitator/group leader is likely given material to use.
Their policy doesn't discriminate against genders. Women could sign up. They just don't. They don't seem to interested. Can't force women to attend a course that talks about a father's role.

Originally Posted by arabian View Post
Have you conducted a survey of all the Dad-parenting courses to find out if any other courses use similar hand-out?
Nope. This is the only one course that popped up in the organization I'm taking parenting courses. The only other one I am aware of is the one offered by children's aid society, but that one is generally for abusive men. I didn't take that one as I don't wish to be likened with those men.

Originally Posted by arabian View Post
Have you spoken to your MP about the issue (of course you would have all the results of your survey)?
What is the issue? I don't think there are any issues. What is your concern with this course? That women don't attend? What could I do to have them attend?

Originally Posted by arabian View Post
Do you know who funds the Dad-parenting course you took and others like it?
This one is actually a course that you pay for our of your own pocket. The other one is funded by our local Children's Aid Society.

This course advertises:

"Dads play a unique, Important and changing role in their families today.
Join a group of fathers to learn about child development and parenting skills.
BUild upon your strengths and potential to become the best dad you can be!" It's one of many parenting courses that they offer. "

Any other questions ?
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