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trinton has a little shameless behaviour in the past

Originally Posted by arabian View Post
Triton you were probably still in school when parenting courses evolved. News alert: parenting courses are for both parents. In Alberta they are mandatory before any matter is heard in the courts. And yes, the courts do verify both parents have completed them.
Guess what this ain't Alberta. What parents have to go here is a Mandatory Information Program. The course I took is for dads, but mom's could attend as well. It wouldn't hurt for moms to learn about these facts and craps. I actually raised that at the end the class when the facilitator was taking in questions and/or suggestions. There is also a Caring Dads program offered by our local Children's Aid Society. You should look it up.

No one asked me to take these parenting courses and I was never ordered to take them. I take parenting courses with an open mind just cause I love our kid that much (and because I love to learn).

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