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Default Are mother's more nurturing then Fathers? Father's and Fatherhood Myths

Saw a comment by another poster which sort of reminded of things I learned in a parenting class dedicated to Dads.

The post was that women stayed at home raising up the men's children and essentially that men did jack all. It was a little disturbing to me that people still in this day believe that men play no role in the upbringing of children.

So I wanted to take the opportunity and share what I have learned.

TO start, there is research to suggest that babies begin responding to their father IN THE WOMB (around 22 weeks) - they will start to recognize his voice (lower, deeper, different cadence, etc). More research suggest that father's heart rates and blood pressure increase in the same way that Mom's does when your baby cries or smiles at you.

Here is the table of the statements and whether they are fact or crap

Father's are not natural "nurturers" like mothers tend to be - CRAP

Being a food father starts before your baby is born - FACT

The main role that fathers play int he lives of their children is to be the "provider" and "disciplinarian" - CRAP

Mothers can better deal with children's emotional issues than fathers - CRAP

Dad's main role in the lives of his kids are about play and games - CRAP

Having a supportive father can impact how a child developed relationships later on in their life - FACT

Fathers continue to be an important part of their child'children's live even after separation or divorce - FACT

Teenage fathers (men who become fathers in their teenage years) often don't care about their children - CRAP

Teenagers need father's just as much as toddlers and kids - FACT

IF you had a disconnected relationship with your father while you were growing up, you are destined to be a disconnected father to your children - CRAP
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