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I think it's important to point out that the men here aren't "whining" but simply extending the topic.

We're all grateful for the "shelter movement" for females. It stopped a lot of abuse and probably saved lives and improved lives of children. I personally enjoyed the article.

But to say men are "whining" by elaborating the discussion is just instigating trouble .. for no reason. It's relevant, interesting and very current.

The owner of the site started a thread about women who brag about domestic violence here:

I for one don't think that he was just "whining" by not being out protesting or starting organizations to prevent it . I think it was an interesting topic dealing with current issues.

Soiled .. we're allowed to discuss things here as long as it's relevant to the thread without being called names because we're not out protesting with signs.

Calling all the men who elaborated maturely on the topic in a relevant manner was very combative and unnecessary.