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Originally Posted by Berner_Faith View Post
Raising your children
My response was obviously facetious. Arabian made a very sexist comment, and I just used her words and changed the direction of the sexism. Misandry is just as wrong as misogyny.

That fact that Arabian (and presumably you) found my comments bothersome indicates that I was probably right that Arabian's initial comment was not acceptable.

For posterity...

Originally Posted by Arabian the Sexist Pig
Men whine there are no shelters for them. Well what have the men been doing all these years? Just goes to show it takes a woman to get things accomplished.
Originally Posted by Janus the Sketchy Switcherooer
Women whine that there is a wage gap, but what have women been doing all these years? Just goes to show it takes a man to get things accomplished.
I don't get the "start a new thread" comment from Arabian at all, maybe I missed something?

Anyhow, I won't post any more on this thread, given that Jeff has stepped in.