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Originally Posted by fireweb13 View Post
Today, while my ex and my lawyer were speaking the the judge via telephone to discuss access of our daughter to my ex (I was not in on this call). The decision was made that my exs inlaws would have facilitate supervised visitation. Between now and June 20th they would take of our daughter for 2 weekends, they would pick her up Friday, and I would pick her up Sunday. They had to sign documents by 4 PM today stating that they acknowledge that if they allow anyone to take care of our daughter (including anything like my ex taking our daughter out for a walk or anything like that) that they were risking jail time.

4 pm came and went, my ex asked my lawyer if she could change who was the supervisors as her inlaws would be traveling for that time... She even asked my lawyer to meet her in the middle and have a stronger police enforcement clause and have her have normal unsupervised weekend access.

Not going to happen, she can have supervised access at an access center here in town if she wishes, that is all.
Yes. Tables have turned. It's time to let her taste her own medicine now.
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