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So... An article is pointed out, about how one woman identified an issue, how domestic violence against women wasn't being taken seriously. To the point that when assaulted in her own home, the police tell the woman to behave.

She decides she wants to do something about it, and gets a group of other woman together, and they go on to create a womans shelter, an idea which has since spread to every other major city in the country, and likely contributed a great deal to identifying domestic violence as a larger issue, and having it taken very seriously today.

The response of several men on this forum, is to then whine and complain that men have these problems too, and its not fair that they don't have the same resources.... Congratulations on completely missing the point of the OP's post, however since its been derailed anyways... Ironically its lost on them that the stories posted about the experiences of their friends are rather similar in how they were received by the authorities, to that of a story in the article.

It only took 11 women to found that first shelter as pointed out in the article. So if you truly believe its such an issue, get off your asses, quit whining on internet forums about how its not fair, and follow in their footsteps. Finding another 10 like minded men shouldn't be difficult. The tools and resources available to you are leaps and bounds better than what they had access to, so it shouldn't be an issue for you to accomplish at least as much as they did.

Further, lets not pretend that men are somehow better than woman, and that no man would abuse those systems if he could get the same results as the occasional woman who does, in order to get an upper hand in custody battles. Given equal resources, both sexes will be just as horrible to each other in pursuit of their own selfish agendas.