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Interesting case law Trinton. In my case the sale of the marital home was forced before trial. I could not buy out my ex's share as I had to come up with 100% of the value of the home including my share! Then this money was to be held in trust as ex said I was not entitled to any money after a long term marriage. I did come up with the $ via a private broker but the interest rate was astronomical so I said no.
End result was that the kids and I were homeless for a period of time living out of my vehicle! None of the kids will forgive him for this ( I didn't tell them he did this, they figured it out).

Now that trial is upon us, it turns out he owed me the home paid for and more, yet I was forced to sell it and the kids made homeless!
Lawyer told me I can't get the house back but we are asking for real estate fees back.

A case like mine is a prime example why the house shouldn't be forced to be sold until trial or a settlement agreement has been reached!
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