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Originally Posted by Stillbreathing View Post
Thank God your daughter is safe.

I must commend you on your mature, calm behaviour under these very stressful circumstances. Not every parent would have been able to hold it together like you did. Your daughter is very very lucky to have you as a father!
Thank you,
Internally I was panicking. But I had to follow my lawyers advice on this. When I was going in to the case conference my mind was racing because I know that family court can cause things to go sideways fast.
I needed to hold it together though because that is what she needs. She has spent years in chaos at her moms, but it took waiting until there was no real other option for the courts for me to act.
I had to trust that at this point, the police and CAS had no option but to help me, and knowing that I knew it would be ok.

But now I have to get our daughter on track. She is very behind in school, and socially, and emotionally. Luckily my wife is a child and youth worker so she very much understands what is going on.
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