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Default Family and Children's Services - Requests / Follow Ups

I realize this question may elicit subjective and opinionated responses, but I'm wondering if anyone with experience either working for FACS, or dealing with them as a client can chime in with typical experiences regarding documentation requests and/or actual actions taken, as well as the legitimacy of their complaints process and oversight. Please obfuscate your response as needed.

An example for some context:

A case file is opened per a child safety complaint from parent A. Both parents and the children are interviewed separately. FACS determines that parent A is 'mudslinging' and that their allegation is not credible. FACS states during interview with Parent B that they are closing the file and will issue a warning to Parent A. They also state that they have concerns over the emotional well being of the child involved, while in the care of parent A. Parent B receives email confirmation that FACS has no concerns of abuse while in their care, and will be closing the file as previously mentioned.

Several weeks pass and parent B has not received any official written documentation confirming the closing of the case file, which they need to provide to their lawyer to proceed with a motion. Attempts at contacting the FACS worker via email and voicemail have been met with no response.

1. In a situation like this, what option(s) does Parent B have? As I understand it they can file a complaint through the specific agency where the case was filed, but otherwise there seems to be no other recourse.

2. Is it typical for FACS to just drop off the face of the earth after initial review of a case file?

Let me know if the example is not granular enough. Thanks.
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