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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
Perhaps you missed my post - the school board DID pay for taxi for a year in my situation.

If school board gets so much of a hint of litigation they will do whatever they can to immediately resolve the problem. If school staff knowingly allowed an impaired parent to drive a child then they could be in very serious trouble. In this situation the staff did not release child to the impaired parent.
must be one hell of a school. I'm actually one of school council executive members and never heard of the school cabbing a child home. There is emergency contact on file and there is school bus for most kids. it's parents responsibility to get kids from school. if child is hurt and emergency situation then they can call ambulance. if the school bus driver missed the kid or something like that then cab might make sense if parents consent.if a parent showig up intoxictex then they should contact police / cas. if parents want cab kids home they can call and arrange that themselves. school's not going to pay for your gas unless they screwed up. school can't cab child home to moms on dads parenting time or vice versa. I think this should have been reported to CAS by school.

I'd actually be just as concerned with cab driver .. what if he's a phedaphile or drunk himself? I don't know who the hell he or she is.

anyway from a criminal law perspective he's not technically impaired unless he's blown over 0.08. plus he wasn't charged and didn't get criminal record for DUI. That whole he was wobbling thing is hearsay.

family perspective.. very iresponsible to show up at school to pick up kids intoxicated.trash.

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