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Originally Posted by stripes View Post
I hope you're right. I hope I get a judge who understands something about addiction, and who can grasp that even if ex is in a lucid phase and sounds reasonable and swears up and down that he's going to get help and stay sober, his track record shows he can't be trusted. And I hope the judge also grasps that I am not trying to keep Kid away from her father, I'm trying to create a situation in which she can stay safe.

If ex is sober, I have no problem making decisions with his involvement. But you're right, when ex is not sober I have to be able to make the decisions about Kid without his (drunken) permission, and for that I need sole custody. It's possible that in mediation, assuming that he's sober, ex will understand the reasoning for sole custody to me and access to him. But that's unlikely. I need to prepare to go to court.

It's hard to get past the feeling that by seeking sole custody I'm somehow screwing ex over or being vindictive. I really wanted shared parenting to work.

The track record is what the judge will be most interested in. Hopefully you can get documentation from some of the witnesses from the school about his moronic drunkenness for the court date.

This is what I mean about meeting the criteria to deny an equal relationship (abuse, addictions, etc). You're like the 3rd mother that I've advised to not give equal access...or get supervised access ordered. I hope peeps are beginning to see that I'm not a dad's rights guy and that I think 50/50 is for not true. I look at the facts.

This is an obvious addiction and your child is "unsafe" in his care. Imagine she got in the vehicle with him .. anything could have happened. The guy could barely stand on his own two feet. I get confused about how he wasn't charged for public intoxication .. but I think I understand that the cops didn't need all the kids seeing a father arrested and taken away. But perhaps they could have charged him after. He did after all break the law and deserve to be charged.
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