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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
BTW - police are incorrect in this situation (which is not an unusual occurrence). I would have a chat to the duty manager/staff sergeant about this.

This is actually, quite outrageous IMO.

I would talk to your lawyer/contact your local school board. Tell them that in light of the situation you must insist that the school board pay for taxi for your daughter for the remainder of the year. Their policy does not ensure safety of your daughter....

Don't scoff at this. My son was exposed to an allergic situation when he was in school and the school board paid for taxi for the remainder of the school year. (10 months)
The after-school centre is in the school, and ex has already been banned (police have given him notice that if he comes on the property, he is trespassing and police will be called). Right now, I'm the only person that Kid can be released to (and my emergency contact).

I thought of complaining about the no-charges, but I need the goodwill of the responding officer - he's been very helpful in terms of figuring out what my options are.
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