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This case sounds cut and dry to me.

Your ex unilaterally and abruptly cut your child out of your life.

You've struggled with anxiety .. but have dealt with it and have documentation to prove it.

Your ex makes up stories about cigarette smoke to deny access. NOT COOL!

A judge has told her to give more access .. she's not listening.

Read up on "The Maximum Contact Principle". Judges rely on this a LOT. You're not addicted to drugs/alcohol .. no history of abuse, etc. Thus, your ability to parent is NOT compromised.

Read through this:

Your ex will come in preaching "status quo" and how it shouldn't be disturbed. You will reply with .. "actually, it's a MANUFACTURED status quo" that you didn't consent to. She forced it upon you.

You dont need conferences my need a motion. If that doesn't work...a trial.
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