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Again, this is an OCL default. You should have never gone to the OCL. The OCL is inappropriate in 98%

Unfortunantly, it was advised by my previous lawyer who i made the mistake of hiring in the first place. Lesson learned.

I read in this thread the child in question is 2 years old. In the Toronto Superior Court it would be rare to see an access order like this

I should be expecting more than what OCL has recommended?

Again, the recommendation for an access schedule should be 2-2-3-3. You should be asking the OCL why it is not appropriate. I would even recommend challenging the report if the clinician did not consider parallel parenting (a modern concept) or 2-2-3 access schedule (a modern concept). If there is no mention then you have a lot of ground to stand on.

This is something i will keep in mind once we review the report and see the areas we will be disputing.

If... you have about 150,000 in cash on hand to pay for a trial.

I do not....My ex continues just to say NO to any kind of consideration to me being a father. Constantly brings up issues and paints a picture of me as someone im not. I would like to see possible changes in the settlement case. Id also like to avoid trail as much as possible. Ive had a hard time dealing with the idea this money could be going to my daughters future.

My recommendation would be to skip the employer supplied stuff. They generally stuff you in with a social worker. I would recommend you find a psychologist (not a psychiatrist) who practices in cognative behaviour therapy and do about 10-16 sessions with them. Generally they cost about 220 an hour for a good one. That is what real therapy or counselling is to the court.

I have already apporached my work assisstance program and been set up with a counsilor. I will look into your recommendation though. In the past i did see a clinician through ontario helps who would sit down with a psychologist and I. Past issues of anxiety have been dealt with and I have past and recent documents to show good health.

Who supervises?

MY Ex watches over the whole time. My previous lawyer did not advise during this time. I had made many requests with my lawyer to try to sort out more time. The only thing that came of that was expensive correspondance.

With an OCL report like that you don't have any other option. A judge will push the matter to trial if you try to change anything now.

Do you beleive trial is unavoidable at this point should my ex and i not come to terms? My lawyer intends on disputing the OCL report when we get it and before settlement
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