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Everyone's comments are useful and well taken. There is some truth to what Janus said.

So update

Respondant stood firm on the terms of the agreement and the Applicant miraculously managed to change their vacation!


Every time the applicant has made their visitation arrangements which are based on the agreement in place they seemed to want change elements of the agreement,. Time - place - dates - period of time etc. The were the party who actually drew up the terms they wanted and for the most part the Respondant agreed to the arrangement. The Applicants would never entertain a accommodation to the Respondant saying "Unfortunately that's not what the agreement says". So it was time to draw a line in the sand and say " this is the agreement and at this time we are not at a point where we can sway from it in mutually agreement so it is what it is".

I think the point has been made. The Respondant is not a push over and demands mutual respect of their home life.

And by saying a parent needs to be mentally and physically with their child means the child needs to be in their mind 24/7. A child exists in both worlds in a separated environment. Denying the existence of one location is not having your child in your mind mentally and physically 24/7.

Not sure if I am explaining myself very well. I am sure others can word this better.
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