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Originally Posted by LovingFather32 View Post
Thanks Arabian.

I seriously hope she's past all that stuff. She sure seems to be. I really dont have any negative things to say about her behavior. I think her tune changed once she realized that I'm very good for D5. I have her in Sparks, an amazing dance class .. she's excelling like crazy in school, has tons of friends and is one of the smartest children on earth (think every parent says that though. lol)

Regarding the money thing, if you recall I am also a part time magician, which interestingly has taken off like crazy lately. I get about 3 gigs/week and have an agent calling my phone. I've went from walk around to stage and parlor magic....which is definitely helping the financial stuff.

My new partner and I have decided that if we wait until everything is picture perfect then we may never have a child together...because nothing will ever be perfect. I still want to be that young, cool dad who is the athletic assistant coach for our childs soccer team ... not the old guy in the walker. :-)

It's amazing how life changes .. 3 years ago I was here in shock and half paralyzed asking how to get my daughter back from being abducted.

You guys have truly been there for me. If I dont say it enough .. thank you to the peeps on these forums for not letting me drown.

I have to agree with you... there really is never a "perfect" time... we thought we waited for the perfect time three years ago and then life had other plans... took us three years to finally be able to say we are pregnant. Money is made every day and sometimes you sacrifice what you have to for your children. Best of luck!

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