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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
Best to you vocal father. You have a challenge ahead of you that's for sure! Did your ex ever go for any sort of mental health assessment through the years? What sort of witnesses are you bringing to your trial?

She never complied with the judge's multiple requests for an eval. Kept delaying and delaying hence why the judge forced to trial. We got delayed in Jan due to Med issues. She is now, for the third time, trying to dispute the merits of the OCL report bc she says it's too old (late2015/early 2016) but every judge has stopped this due to it being an attempt at yet another stall tactic. Our witnesses range from CAS to med professionals who have witnessed attempts for her to allege false abuse to character witnesses. Don't want to say too much prior to trial. Our courts here are so frustrating as you are "on call". God willing we start Mon or Tues. 7 years too long!!!!

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