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LovingFather32. Your response has been truly helpful. Especially in this time after the OCL report.

How involved were you during the pregnancy?
I went out to all ultrasound appointments, regular appointments, provided during the pregnancy, offered support....ultimately told I was not there for her.

What was your exact response? This is VERY important. Do you have proof of communication where you are adamant about being an equal parent?

I may have communication regarding this. Although I did get a lawyer short after and made it clear I wanted to be an active parent. Agreed that conversations will help the situation.

Why were you supervised?

My ex has accused me of serious mental health problems that make me a threat to the child. She therefore used this as reasoning why I need to be supervised and stuck to it. I had previous issues with anxiety that were dealt with by mental health professionals and my doctor. OCL has spoken and got documents from both my clinician and doctor stating I am perfectly fine and in good health.

Is there any mention of this in the endorsement?

I will go to the courts and ask for the transcripts of the case. The Judge did not create a timeline but left it up to the EX. She did not withhold to it.

This is all kinds of terrible. Please tell me you were smart enough to have her saying all this on a document of some sort. Otherwise...he said/she said trash.

I have a long email from her saying she took away time and that my daughter smelled of cigarettes although my parents weren't smoking during the visit.

I plan on taking as many parenting courses as possible just to ensure it is not an issue.
I agree that the gradual increase may be a good thing. I will need the judge to find no reason to disagree with my settlement offer at the case. I will need to be fully endorsed regardless my ex will probably still look for trial.

Unfortunately, she has done a good job of painting a picture of me as she has kept texts from years back to 2014. In the relationship we did share things with each other that are no being used against me. Mostly mental health but she has basically attached pages, and pages. and pages of texts.
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