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Your order should allow for more time as time passes. Best you try to find a day shift job as she enters her school age.

Agreed. We do have a strong bond and im trying to preserve that. Ive never missed any visits or opportunities to spend time with my daughter.

What has happened up until now. You said you have some supervised access, but who decided it had to be that way? Have you had 3-4 hours supervised weekly since the child was born?

My ex and I were together for 10 years. 2 weeks after the baby was born she decided she did not want to be with me anymore. At no point did we live together. she had said she will be staying with parents and I could do whatever I wanted. So the time around pregnancy and shortly after I stayed with her parents.

Immediately, after she decided she didn't want to be with me I moved back with my parents. She set up a schedule of 4 days 3 hours. cut that down to 9. cut that down to 7.5. cut it to 4. than to 3.5. than to 3. all which were supervised. I initiated court around the time my daughter was 1. There was no abuse in the relationship.

Our first case conference, Short, although the judge made a stern recommendation to her to be more generous with the time and figure out Christmas. Other party requested OCL and previous Lawyer suggested taking it on since ive done nothing wrong .My ex offered unsupervised at that time (not under any court agreement) and requested my parents do not attend the unsupervised at my home (which is my new home I purchased close to my daughter). My parents came over for the Christmas visit which my ex only offer 2.5 hours. She took away the unsupervised after finding out my parents were over for Christmas day.

unfortunately at no time was there any interim order for any time. The 4 hours just may 6 after OCL recommendations. My current lawyer feels this will show a new status quo and prove that I am a perfectly capable father. My lawyer has just requested I keep a journal of all the visits. We have a speak to may 18 and will likely be booking our settlement at that date.

Sorry long read. There are many other petty arguments
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