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Originally Posted by stripes View Post
Is this indeed a last straw? Ex will argue that I am being unfair and he should get another chance - after all, the police have only been called once, he'll make sure it doesn't happen again, etc etc.

Does anyone have any experience in parenting agreements with addicts? For example, I would like something in writing saying that he will not drive with her in the car - if he was caught last week trying to drive drunk with her, how many times was he not caught? Is this possible or reasonable?

I don't want to close the door completely on shared parenting if he somehow manages to get his act together. Any ideas for how to word a clause saying "if you're able to demonstrate that you're a competent adult, we can revisit parenting"? How would I be able to determine whether his act is together?

Tips or thoughts very welcome.
Has he admitted to being drunk that day? Did the police allow him to drive him or ask him to blow in a Breathalyzer ?

What evidence do you have to prove he is an addict ? Is this documented or just he said she said ?

By the wording of your order, you MUST do mediation first. Likely he will have to do counselling or something if he admits to being drunk and there to drive the kids drunk - or perhaps supervised access.
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