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Originally Posted by Dad1985 View Post

May I ask what you suggest in regards to attachment theory?

My daughter is 2 years old. She does have a bond with her mother. Although my daughter and I also have a very strong bond. She has been very cared for under my supervision/
She's going to form attachment with you and it's important to keep and protect that attachment. She's a toddler now but as she get's older and get's into her school ages she's going to benefit from at minimum every other weekend . You could have access now during the days at least 2 or 3 days a week (excluding weekends - assuming you will get weekends) but as she get's older I don't see how you can't have her from Friday after school until Monday morning dropped off to school.

Also be sure to set out a holiday schedule. Easter long weekend, halloween, Christmas, March break etc. Summer as well. At least one week each month of the summer to be added to your weekend.

Your order should allow for more time as time passes. Best you try to find a day shift job as she enters her school age.
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