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Do you have competing documentation (CAS, Psych assessments, etc).
Yes. I have a letter from my clinician from the mental health clinic I went to for mild anxiety. She has written that I successfully went and dealt with my issues at the file has been closed since. She included a discharge note (wasn't in a mental hospital just went for counseling). I also have a letter from my current family doctor that there has been no concerns and have shown good health since.
DO NOT wait to rebut this. I think they give you one month or so. There's a special document to refute it.

The disclosure meeting was may 5th. The report will be sent in 2-3 weeks. My Lawyer is aware of my position and will be disputing the necessary areas.

1. Psych assessments .. all good in the cognitive faculties
2. CAS report, etc (Great dad, great environment, no issues)
3. Clean police report/drug testing (if thats an allegation .. usually is)
4. Unbelievable PARENTING PLAN (leave no stone unturned).

1) see above
2) CAS has never been involved.
3) Clean record. No police reports ever. no allegations
4) This is where ill have to put some stuff together. unfortunanly, when the judge suggested I did not need parenting courses, I kinda sat back. Parenting courses will only benefit me. My recent unsupervised time went really well and my lawyer has advised I keep a journal. I have my own home close to my daughter, she has a room, food, clothes, toys, love.

The other side requested OCL and my PREVIOUS lawyer suggested we just take it on because there is nothing to hide. Now here we end up with a one sided OCL.
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