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Originally Posted by Dad1985 View Post
1) Work Schedule (mon - thur 4 pm - 3 am) - Although i have alternative options such as fri, sat, sun. Leaving me open for mon to thur all day.

2) Mental Health - All mental health issues have been dealt with through medical professionals. They were never listed as severe. As well I have provided current medical records showing im fine.

3) High Conflict communication - We were together for 10 years and my ex has kept text conversations as long as 3 years ago. We are able to communicate although my ex has portrayed me in a bad light. I've read the suggestion for parallel parenting in this case.

We will have to wait till the report is out before we can determine what should be disputed.
I had a very bad experience with OCL.

I also had a very good CAS report, outlining how the OCL was basically a nutjob, pointing out inconsistencies in my ex's stories, etc.

Do you have competing documentation (CAS, Psych assessments, etc).

You're doing the right thing by fighting the report. Once I received my OCL document, I went point for point, rebutting (with evidence) how it made no sense.

DO NOT wait to rebut this. I think they give you one month or so. There's a special document to refute it.

Not only did I fill out that form, but I also enclosed the CAS documents in the package to OCL headquarters. But I was silly to think it would do anything. They all just stuck together .. so don't expect them to even listen.

However, it's not the OCL headquarters you care about,'s your judge.

1. Psych assessments .. all good in the cognitive faculties
2. CAS report, etc (Great dad, great environment, no issues)
3. Clean police report/drug testing (if thats an allegation .. usually is)
4. Unbelievable PARENTING PLAN (leave no stone unturned).

# 4 is where you will outline every minute of your 50/50 time with the child, including your work schedules, support systems, etc. Show how will work.

Text messages? Couples argue and texts are very easily manipulated. Unless you said you were going to kill her and the kids or kidnap them you shouldn't be worried.

Yes you can do parallel parenting. Judges are used to hearing...He/she can't be a parent because I wont talk nicely to

You can also add an extra step and order .. that way all communication is organized recorded .. .the thing even has a "tone meter".

Your main objective here is to have the OCL report tossed out the window by doing some of the above (like my judge did). Let the judge know that he/she is a much better candidate to decide the fate of custody for the children as he/she will be the one properly analyzing the evidence in a careful, unbiased manner.
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