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"Your lawyer should be able to tell you what is reasonable and what is ridiculous in the recommendation. Go to trial if you have to. Don't agree to that 4 hour non sense."

After our OCL disclosure meeting, my lawyer and i discussed the recommendations. My lawyer only sees the 6 month 4 hour plan as causing us to go back to court in 6 months.

We will have to wait for the full report in 2-3 weeks and look at what the root causes for the decision are. The root causes that i can think of are:

1) Work Schedule (mon - thur 4 pm - 3 am) - Although i have alternative options such as fri, sat, sun. Leaving me open for mon to thur all day.

2) Mental Health - All mental health issues have been dealt with through medical professionals. They were never listed as severe. As well I have provided current medical records showing im fine.

3) High Conflict communication - We were together for 10 years and my ex has kept text conversations as long as 3 years ago. We are able to communicate although my ex has portrayed me in a bad light. I've read the suggestion for parallel parenting in this case.

We will have to wait till the report is out before we can determine what should be disputed.
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