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Originally Posted by Beachnana View Post
The child is 5 years old so of course there is concern that he would be left with strangers.
To be clear: You are concerned that a school aged child might be in the care of an adult who is not the parent? Seriously?

Also why have your child visit if you are not going to be there.
None of your business. This is his parenting time, he can arrange it as he sees fit. Unless he is harming the child, I don't see the problem here. Are the caregivers on drugs? No? Not a problem.

That's a control thing. - it's my time so I am going to deprive you of that time despite the fact I will not see the child.
I agree, this is a control thing. We disagree slightly on who is being controlling.

So in this unfortunate stalemate they need to follow the agreement. Hence asking what certain wording meant.
Well, it turns out that the right of first refusal clauses are all almost completely unenforced, therefore you don't need follow the agreement here.

Back to my original recommendation: Stop trying to look at the agreement. Find another way to compromise, or accept the fact that his parenting time is his parenting time, and that he is going to parent in a way you don't like.

Parenting means the parent needs to physically and mentally be with the child not just have them located in your house like a book you own.
Beachana believes that parenting means that a parent needs to be physically and mentally with the child. It does not logically follow that this definition must be accurate.
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