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Thanks for your reply Trinton.
Reading over i may have not been clear
Mother - Recommended Sole custody to mother.
Father - recommended 4 hours of unsupervised access to take place on the weekend (for the next 6 months). Parenting courses. Counsiling to deal with stress of the situation.
The current schedule is 2 hours at a play centre (Supervises) 1 hour at the mall (Supervised.)

My ex went in line with the OCL recommendations and granted the 4 hours this past sunday. We worked well together to communicate the exchange. She was fed, taken care of, and loved as expected. Although im concerned this is just to show her following of OCL.

My laywer was prepared to put an interim access order in place although although since the time was granted at will, has decided not to. My lawyer sees this time as oppurtinity to develop new status quo and show im a perfectly competent parent.
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