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You're not going to avoid a trial with that OCL report. Be rested assure that the mother of your child now has now gotten her panties in a bunch. You'll need to discrete it and go to trial. I wouldn't agree to those terms. Seems your lawyer is on right track.

Search the forums for "OCL" and just read :

WD has destroyed an OCL report on his own. Without sharing details and what you don't agree with you won't be able to get much help. Read WD's case and the "fluffy" case.

Your lawyer should be able to tell you what is reasonable and what is ridiculous in the recommendation. Go to trial if you have to. Don't agree to that 4 hour non sense.

Your best course is to delay and delay and delay to "outdate" the report. It may take so long to get to trial that you may be able to ask for a fresh OCL report- that may recommend something completely different. Take as many parenting classes as you possibly can and have regular counselling sessions in the meantime.

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