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The child is 5 years old so of course there is concern that he would be left with strangers. Also why have your child visit if you are not going to be there. That's a control thing. - it's my time so I am going to deprive you of that time despite the fact I will not see the child.

So in this unfortunate stalemate they need to follow the agreement. Hence asking what certain wording meant.


The applicant actually put the original phrase in to prevent the Respondant from going on a work related training course that could have improved career. Over the last 2 rounds of changes the lawyers metophorized it into this vague clause.

I believe tha Respondant was actually pushing for the applicant to actually take 3 weeks vacation while S5 visits and not palm the child off to strangers as that is more convenient.

Parenting means the parent needs to physically and mentally be with the child not just have them located in your house like a book you own.
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