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Originally Posted by Beachnana View Post
So the question was who wouldlook after S5 if you are not there but away for work.

When asked the reply was. "myob".
I have to admit, I agree with the reply. During parenting time, the parent with the child makes child care arrangements, and the other parent needs to mind their own business.

It's not control it's trying to follow an agreement which The respondent feels that after all the time and effort and money spent on the agreement they should abide by all it's details and not pick and choose.
In other words, it is about control.

Anyhow, you lose this one. Unless the father leaves the kid alone or with some coked-out meth heads, no judge is going to care about the particular child care arrangements.

If the arrangements bother you (or your daughter) so much, then let him have his weeks. Of course you are totally in the right, and this was your year to choose first, and he's an unorganized idiot. It is also true that your daughter has made plans.

Can the plans be changed?

Legally, you have nothing. However, if you can be flexible, then you can save the day for the child.
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