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Default OCL Recommendations - What to do now?

Hello All

Ive been reading this forum for some time now and have followed threads under topics of OCL, Shared Custody, and Family law.

Recently, we had our OCL disclosure meeting held with the clinician and both parties involved. Unfortunantly, the recommendations did not go at all as i thought it would be. OCL recommended sole custody to the mother with 4 hours of unsupervised access on the weekend to continue for the next 6 months. The mother was asked to work with me going forward after that. It was suggest that I (the father) take parenting courses as well seek counsiling for this stressful situation.

The opposite parrty has continued to bring up past issues of mental health (Mild Anxiety) to use againt me. The issues have all been backed and cleared by medical professionals as dealt with and over.

My concerns are now, Is this something that can be disputed? Does this leave me in poor position? how much will the judge consider the OCL?

My overall goal is for shared parenting/access and have offered any means to do so (Change my work schedule, Moved close by, Paid full child support.
My Lawyer has suggested we first dispute OCL report once available. Secondly, that we put together a reasonable settlement offer that the Judge shouldnt find any reason to no endorse.

Please help as realistically i would like to avoid trial.


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