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Default New addition to the family?

Good day folks. In need of some advice.

My partner and I have been together for well over 3 years, have an amazing little family and are unbelievably happy .. and in love of course.

We're now thinking about having a child of our own before we get too old. :-) We know our kids are on board because they always say they want a little brother or sister. This is definitely something my partner and I want obviously as we make a great team, love kids and want to extend our family.

I suppose my question is .. Will this cause any turbulence in my situation with the ex? As you probably know, we are 50/50, very civil and D5 is happy and doing very well. Will my ex say that we should halt the 50/50 arrangement as we won't have much time for D5? (which we certainly still will obviously)... Will she (or could she) call this a material change affecting the current arrangement?

Just curious on people's thoughts.



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