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Originally Posted by LovingFather32 View Post
Just try not to generalize. So many amazing women out there.

Men can be pricks and manipulate the hell out of things too.
Yes, there are a lot of stand up women. The current partner I'm with, is one of them, along with MANY out there.

Unfortunately, being the victim of being with a "woman" who falls perfectly under the same category described by trinton myself, makes it very difficult to have a positive attitude about women in general.

And the previous three posts, only further add fuel to fire about a growing number of poor attitudes men have of women in general. I for one, try to encourage the young men, not to marry or have children so they'll never have to go through what I'm going through.

My punch line to young guys? "Wrap your whacker before you attack her" (as in use a condom).