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She refused to answer several questions. What now ?
This is addressed in the family law rules. Specifically:


(19) If a person being questioned refuses to answer a question,

(a) the court may, on motion,

(i) decide whether the question is proper,

(ii) give directions for the person’s return to the questioning, and

(iii) make a contempt order against the person; and

(b) if the person is a party or is questioned on behalf or in place of a party, the party shall not use the information that was refused as evidence in the case, unless the court gives permission under subrule (20). O. Reg. 114/99, r. 20 (19).

Thus, your next step is to bring a motion to have a judge determine if the questions are appropriate and to have the other side either answer them at questioning or be found in contempt for failing to answer them.

Surprised her lawyer would let her simply not answer a question like that. Wow.
It depends on the question. If it isn't relevant to the case (ie, the question is not appropriate) then the other side can rightly refuse to answer.
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