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Originally Posted by Tayken View Post
Material != (does not equal) Evidence
Precisely. That's why I chose the word "materials" carefully because I bet my bottom dollar that his ex will only have that to show....manufactured material.

Following WD's case, from a psychological standpoint, his ex seems to have developed (or always had) a sense of "learned helplessness". She has learned to be the victim when it's not justified and in fact, created herself. She has an extremely "external locus of control", meaning that she cannot take responsibility for her actions .. always someone else's fault.

I highly doubt she completed all of the counseling/therapy required to meet the tests of the court and even if she did, I just see her shooting herself in her foot a million different ways.

Not to mention this is about the kids, who surely are thriving at the moment in WD's care without all the alienation, negativity and shenanigans that his ex is accustomed to.

This will be a good Canlii read.
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