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Originally Posted by WorkingDAD View Post
So Mom will try to get unsupervised visitation and I will try finally get our lives back and asked for no access. You would think someone who lost 2 trials would never go to #3 when there is a possibility to end up with no access at all. Well, apparently not a case and honestly, I think that what she wants but need some excuse so she can say well it was not me - judge decided.
Good to see you WD. My case was similar to yours in certain ways (abduction, allegations, etc). Your caselaw was used in my proceedings and I truly believe it made a difference in my case. For that, I thank you.

Has your ex tried to better herself in any ways since last trial. She may come in with a ton of material proving how she's improved her life and outlook on the situation. I'm not sure that supervised access is meant to "stick" for a long period of time.

So why do I wrote this post? Just want one more time to remind everybody that if you have a chance to stay away from the family court - please do. There are no winners there
I have continued that for you here on the forums. I encourage people to stay out of the system and settle. Most recently a fellow poster will allow close to 50% but not totally. All the father wants is 50/50. If you can believe it she'd rather go to trial in the absence of any abuse, addictions, etc just to deny that equal relationship. What a waste of the courts time. You're right..there are no winners. Just some that get hurt more than others.

I wish you all the best and I very much look forward to reading some more amazing WD caselaw!
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