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Default Trial #3! Anyone had more ? :)

Hello, everybody.

I do not expect you all remember me but here I am - still alive
I can see there is still a lot of same people what is sad I should say. I hope you understand what I meant...
I think it is fare to say - the family court is life changing experience and not in a good one.

As some may know I am scheduled for another trial on Monday.
Yes, that is correct trial #3 to be specific.

This trial should be the last one (fingers crossed). Trial about changing order 2014 ONSC 915 (CanLII) At least this time we got some money upfront 2015 ONSC 3684 (CanLII) even thou there is close to 30k in not paid cost...

So Mom will try to get unsupervised visitation and I will try finally get our lives back and asked for no access. You would think someone who lost 2 trials would never go to #3 when there is a possibility to end up with no access at all. Well, apparently not a case and honestly, I think that what she wants but need some excuse so she can say well it was not me - judge decided.

You would think I should be able to do it with my eyes closed. Well, unfortunately, it's not getting easier

So why do I wrote this post? Just want one more time to remind everybody that if you have a chance to stay away from the family court - please do. There are no winners there...

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