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This is what's happening. The agencies that are supposed to protect children and follow careful guidelines (such as adhering to custody orders) have tossed you in to the steaming pile of high conflict parents who use them daily for insignificant, unsupported reasons. For one reaon or another, they're ignoring the law, something that may even bite them later.

God forbid something were to happen to your child under their care (did I hear needles in the freezer, etc?), they will be thoroughly investigated and I personally wouldn't stop suing their asses until I owned them.

When it happened to me I called the police first and same as help (I didn't have custody order mind you .. wasn't even separated from my ex yet).

Next I called CAS .. no help. After that I attended an Emergency Motion .. and same as you .. kid was in no imminent danger and there was nothing I could do. So trust me when I tell you I know how you feel.

Do you have a police record? Any domestic calls between you and ex? DUI's? What does she think she has? I forgot if you mentioned .. has CAS made the visit to your home yet for an interview)

Section 282

(1) [ Abduction in contravention of custody order ]

Every one who, being the parent, guardian or person having the lawful care or charge of a person under the age of fourteen years, takes, entices away, conceals, detains, receives or harbours that person, in contravention of the custody provisions of a custody order in relation to that person made by a court anywhere in Canada, with intent to deprive a parent or guardian, or any other person who has the lawful care or charge of that person, of the possession of that person is guilty of

(a) an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years, or
(b) an offence punishable on summary conviction.

(2) [ Where no belief in validity of custody order ]

Where a count charges an offence under subsection (1) and the offence is not proven only because the accused did not believe that there was a valid custody order but the evidence does prove an offence under section 283, the accused may be convicted of an offence under section 283.
Sections 282 and 283 of the Criminal Code of Canada
What she has done is just plain illegal and it irks me that your child wasn't returned to you quickly and promptly.

She uprooted the child from school, peers, family and community and unilaterally started a new life for her .. without you. Another schemer playing the system. Now expect the delay game so she can claim "status quo". I'm still not sure why they even have abduction laws.

Get any doc's you can, including the one's that clear you from her allegations (I think she said you hit the child or something).

The child didn't want to go with police to come back to you ... that's a PRIME example of parental alienation. For all you know the child was told that you did something unthinkable or that you left them.

You want to bring every piece of evidence of you trying to get your child back. I even called Missing Kids Canada .. I e-mailed the gov't, I did everything possible short of just going and getting her.

Really, all you should need to do is show the judge your custody order, referring to the CLRA ... and outline how everybody here is basically in contempt and that something needs to be done immediately. These laws are here for a reason and a "good" judge will rectify this nonsense right away.

Regarding the school, follow Hammerdad's advice and go to the board. Your ex has poisoned them .. you're Tony Soprano to them right now. But a custody order is no joke, perhaps the school needs to be reminded of that.

Just go kick the abductor's ass in court and report back. I want to hear what happened.

You better not leave there without a clear cut enforcement clause to wake the police up.

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